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Why Your First Visit With the Dentist Might Just Be a Comprehensive Exam

Posted on: July 28th, 2023 | Categories: Oral Health, Prosthodontics

At CNE Dental, our goal is to offer comprehensive dental care. When a patient calls our office, we inform them that their first meeting will be with the dentist, not a hygienist. This initial visit goes beyond a simple meet-and-greet; it involves a thorough and comprehensive dental examination.

During this extended examination, lasting over an hour, the dentist takes the time to get to know the patient, their needs, goals, and dental history. The dentist engages in meaningful conversations with the patient, discussing any dental concerns they may have. X-rays are taken to aid in the examination, enabling a more in-depth assessment of the patient’s mouth and bite. The dentist carefully examines all aspects of the patient’s oral health to gain a holistic understanding of their dental condition.

Since all of the dentists at our dental office in Auburn are prosthodontists, it means they have additional years of training in restoring oral function. This enable them to have a more holistic and comprehensive understanding of oral health.

We believe that this comprehensive exam is of utmost importance for strategizing patient care in the most logical way. While many patients may initially seek a dentist near Worcester solely for a dental cleaning, they will be missing out on the full picture of their oral health.

Undergoing this detailed examination at the hands of a prosthodontist allows patients to develop a better appreciation and understanding of the dental treatments they need to undergo. The findings from this exam can significantly impact the recommended treatments. For instance, a patient may have come in for a regular cleaning, but the examination reveals a need for a deep cleaning instead, addressing potential issues more effectively.

The comprehensive examination serves as a roadmap for planning the patient’s dental journey. By detecting small issues early on, the dentist can prevent them from becoming more serious problems later. For example, identifying a small cavity allows the dentist and patient to discuss the urgency of treatment, ensuring it is addressed promptly to avoid potential future complications that may require root canals.

While not all issues found during the exam may be urgent, the dentist takes on the responsibility of transparently discussing these findings and their potential implications. Even if a patient decides not to proceed with certain treatments, being informed about their oral health is vital for making informed decisions.

As part of this comprehensive approach, the prosthodontists at CNE Dental believe in treating patients holistically, recognizing that nothing in the mouth can be treated in isolation. This comprehensive approach ensures that any dental treatment, such as crowns or fillings, takes into account the patient’s overall oral health. For instance, if signs of bruxism (teeth grinding) are observed during the examination, the prosthodontist may recommend a night-guard in order to preserve the integrity of the dental work they just performed.

The only exception to this comprehensive approach is during emergency dental appointments, where the immediate safety and comfort of the patient take precedence. In such cases, pain and infection are addressed as the highest priority, with a full-mouth examination conducted at a later date when the emergency is resolved.

If you are searching for a dentist near Worcester who goes beyond routine cleanings and is wholly invested in your complete oral health, the prosthodontists at our Auburn dental office are for you. We urge you to call our office and book your dental consultation today, inviting us to be a part of your dental journey towards a healthier and more confident smile.

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