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Unusual Dental Problems

Posted on: December 1st, 2017 | Categories: Dental Tips, Oral Health

Rare Conditions

In every area of healthcare there are some issues and problems that are rare and typically unusual, unfortunately, dentistry is no different!

Having a peculiar dental condition does not mean that it cannot be fixed or treated, but simply that it is better addressed when caught early on. Make sure to have you and your child screened for any oral health abnormalities every once in a while, for you’ll want to nip any abnormal conditions in the bud.


This is an extremely rare genetic condition that causes the patient to be missing all of their teeth. The condition simply never allows the teeth to grow in. After a person loses their primary teeth, known as their baby teeth, their permanent teeth never grow in.

Other related genetic disorders include hypodontia, which is when between one and six teeth simply do not grow in and oligodontia, which is the absence of more than six teeth if not all.

In order to keep your child healthy and happy, dentures, implants, and other jaw and facial structural appliances might be needed so that they can eat, talk, and function normally.

Talon Cusps

Sometimes a claw-like growth can develop on the back of one of a developing tooth. This usually happens to teeth at the front of the mouth and can cause problems with a child’s bite, crowding of the other teeth, gum and cheek irritation, and a build up of plaque.

These teeth usually don’t have pulp in them so your dentist can file it down. If the tooth does have pulp that a root canal may also be needed.

Regular checkups with your dentist can help to diagnose and avoid any unusual oral issues. Trust us, you will want to know what is going on in your mouth and how to fix it if you end up having one of these rare conditions.


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